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Die Freiheit, das Meer

Über das Karge und das Reiche an einem Rand der Welt

Elida Fernández / Jutta Riegel

text translated from the Argentinean Spanish by Silke Kleemann


©Corso in der Verlagshaus Römerweg GmbH, Wiesbaden

size: 20×24 cm, 128 p
published in April 2016

The book deals with the simple life of the pescadores artesanales in Patagonia in the east of Argentina and their at times arduous dialog with the sea. The men and women portrayed seem contented in spite of their paltry way of life, exposing themselves to the forces of nature in Patagonia and surrendering to the elements – the virtually omnipresent, often merciless wind, the Atlantic tides, the uniformity and beauty of the steppe. These people are able to read the sounds and silences the alphabet of nature spells; they are human beings who do a dignified job with their hands. They often have to fight for survival, and their job requires them to be patient and learn to wait, accepting whatever the ocean chooses to give them The poetic photographs by Jutta Riegel and the evocative texts by Elida Fernández show appreciation for these people, the abundance of the animal world and the peculiarities of the climate as well as the history and geography of this unique landscape on the edge of our world. They tell of the richness of what little these people have, of the happiness that can reside in the simple life, of the joy of being connected with nature – but they also speak of the challenges of the frugal lifestyle and the fight for the everyday things in life.

Die Pescadores Artesanales – hartes
und schönes Leben am Rande Patagoniens

Wir romantisieren vom einfachen Leben und schwadronieren von der »Work- Life-Balance« – dieses Buch erzählt von Menschen, die es leben, das einfache, die in einem oft harten Dialog mit dem Meer, der Natur und ihren Kräften um ihr täglich Brot ringen: Den Pescadores Artesanales an der Küste Patagoniens, im Osten Argentiniens. Diese Fischer setzen sich den Naturgewalten Patagoniens aus – dem fast immer präsenten, so ungnädigen Wind, der Gleichförmigkeit der Steppe, den Launen des Meeres. Die Fischer geben ihre Traditionen und Kenntnisse, ihr Wissen um das launische Meer, den Wind und die einsame und magische Natur von Generation zu Generation weiter, bereits die Kleinsten begleiten Eltern und Großeltern hinaus. Es sind Menschen, die das Alphabet der Natur zu lesen verstehen, Menschen, die mit ihren Händen eine würdige Arbeit verrichten. Die poetischen Fotografien von Jutta Riegel und die stimmungsvollen Texte von Elida Fernàndez würdigen diese Menschen und den Reichtum der Tierwelt, die Geografie, die Besonderheiten des Klimas, die Geschichte dieser einzigartigen Landschaft an einem Rand unserer Welt. Dieses Buch erzählt vom Reichtum des Wenigen, vom Glück, das in einem einfachen Leben wohnen kann, berichtet vom Verbundensein mit der Natur – aber auch von den Herausforderungen des Kargen und vom Kampf um das Alltägliche.
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Perros sin collar

Jutta Riegel / Isabel de Estrada

Ediciones Lariviere, Buenos Aires –

size: 21×15 cm, 140 p – 1a ed. 2012

ISBN 978-987-9395-77-6

The book shows street dogs in Argentina in their natural environment from the border to Bolivia in the north of the country down to Patagonia in the south: in remote villages and towns, along the endless country roads, in churches or on rubbish tips, in Buenos Aires and in slums around the capital. The basic idea for the book was born on one of the many long walks Jutta Riegel had with her two loyal, four-legged, companions around Tilcara, an Argentinean village in the High Andes, where she used to live from 2010 to 2012. Along the way there was always plenty of opportunity for her dogs to meet fellow canines of all shapes and sizes to greet them, sniff them, growl at them or show them the cold shoulder and simply ignore them. All these dogs  lived on the streets – some actually had an owner who provided them with food, and some even wore a collar, but the streets were definitely their territory.
Jutta Riegel truly came to love these amazing creatures and dedicated Perros sin collar to all of them.