Jutta Riegel


Jutta Riegel is a photographer living in Europe and South America. She uses her camera to explore her environment – it’s the interaction of nature, humans and animals that never ceases to fascinate her. For example, she has documented among other topics street dogs in Argentina, extraordinary gardens in Berlin or the living environment and work of pescadores artesanales on the Atlantic coast of Patagonia.

2017 / 2018

Germany: publication of a book (pictures and texts) about houseboat owners and their life afloat on rivers and canals: Hausboot Love, publisher: Delius Klasing, Hamburg/Germany


reportage project: Che, Patron….Gauchos

reportage project: Job or Mission? Women in the High Andes



France: reportage project: Life Afloat on the Canal de Bourgogne

publication of a literate book with photographs about pescadores artesanales (handcrafted fisherfolk) in Patagonia, Argentina: Die Freiheit, das Meer – Über das Karge und das Reiche an einem Rand der Welt, publisher: Corso, Hamburg

2013 – 2015

Berlin: amongst others publication of a shadow garden in a courtyard in  The Garden, magazine of RHS (Royal Horticultural Society), London
Price Award in RHS Photographic Competition (Royal Horticultural Society), London

Argentina: reportage project: Pescadores Artesanales in Patagonia


publication of the book Perros sin Collar, publisher: Ediciones Lariviere, Buenos Aires


Buenos Aires, Argentina: show in the art gallery Arte & Parte, San Telmo
Tilcara, Prov. Jujuy, Argentina: solo show La Caminata de mi Alma, Museo Regional de Pintura José Antonio Terry